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Zad Al Dar

About Us

Zaad Al-Dar – Authentic Flavors of the Levant

We bring to you the rich heritage of authentic and exquisite flavors from the Levant region, acquired through 15 years of experience in crafting exceptional dishes. Our expertise and professionalism ensure that these flavors are delivered to you just as we learned them from our mothers in our own homes. We pride ourselves on maintaining the true essence of original flavors with our expertly prepared homemade recipes.

At Zaad Al-Dar, we prioritize the originality of taste along with impeccable food presentation that adheres to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. When you visit us, you will witness firsthand that every meal is prepared right in front of you, ensuring its freshness and deliciousness.

We have carefully chosen and excelled to meet your expectations. Our motto is hospitality and authenticity. You will find what you deserve with us. We eagerly await your visit to provide you with the culinary pleasure you desire.

The secrets of our recipes are not learned or stumbled upon by chance; rather, they are the result of extensive experience and professionalism. From heart to heart, we work with love and love what we do.

Zaad Al-Dar – Original Cuisine at its Finest.